The Secure Cloud Backup you can count on

Cloud Backup Powered by Acronis

Backup your business through our secure private cloud located in Nova Scotia. Save one file or a full image of your system/server seamlessly.

Keep your data safe & backed up starting at $15 a month!

What makes us different?

Our cloud backup is different than regular cloud storage in a few different ways. We have the ability to retrieve your lost data from today, yesterday or even from 6 months ago. If someone were to delete it by accident or if you had a hardware failure, we can restore the file or the entire system quickly and easily. Also, it protects your organization against bad ransomware that encrypts your data. Simply just restore a backup and the nasty virus is gone.

Incremental backups identify and backup only the changes made since the last backup, reducing storage requirements, backup time and network consumption. This allows you to backup a single system, multiple systems, or servers with ease and efficiency.

Now you can restore files, configurations, applications, or an entire system to the same hardware, to different hardware, or to a virtual server—all with a few simple clicks!

Acronis can compress your backed up data as much as 30% to save you money. If the backup to our cloud were to be unsuccessful we are notified immediately so that we can resolve the problem. Your data is protected by 256 bit encryption from beginning to end. 256 bit encryption is one of the highest levels of encryption available today and ensures that only you can have access to it. 

Pricing Plans


$ 15

Backup a single workstation worry free. You get up to 1TB of secure cloud backup disaster recovery storage. This is enough storage for all your essential files and anything else you may want to back up.

Virtual Machine

$ 25

Ensure that your virtual machine has the same data protection and disaster recovery solution as your physical machines. It is just as easy to backup onto our cloud and it includes up to 1TB as well.


  $ 85

Lastly you can backup every important file on your server to our cloud. This also includes up to 1TB of cloud backup disaster recovery storage. Let us take care of your data and protect you from costly downtime/data loss.

Note: The plans above are priced per month and are only a few of the options that we offer. If you contact us we would be happy to customize a plan just for your organization's needs.

Let us take care of your backups today

For a limited time we are offering 20% off our initial install fee & setup. Contact us today through one of the various methods below to set up an assessment of your companies backup needs.

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