Depot Services

We realize that computers can be replaced a lot cheaper today than in the past. That is why we charge by the procedure rather than by the hour. This ensures that there will be no surprises when picking up your computer.

Diagnostic $50.00 This fee is collected up front from the customer at the time of drop off. It covers approximately one half hour labour allowing the technician to run preliminary diagnostics and providing the customer with price estimates. This fee is ultimately applied against the price of repairing the computer. It is absolutely non-refundable.

Minor Hardware/Software Installation $25.00 This fee is applied when software, or other minor hardware components are wanted to be installed in the system. Such as RAM, a hard drive or optical drive. This fee may be combined with other fees, for example, if you are having a hard drive added to your computer and having it reloaded, no addition labor will be added.

Optimization with Virus Removal $99.00 The optimization is our most common procedure. It can be very surprising how many programs launch and are running in the background every time you turn your computer on. These programs use up valuable resources such as processor time and RAM. Most of them are totally unnecessary. Depending on your computer, these programs can slow it down so much as to render it unusable. Unless you are a trained technician you would have no idea they are running or how much resources they are taking up. Everything that is done to your computer by Nedtek during an optimization is designed to speed it up or protect it from malware and viruses. A failing hard drive is the second biggest culprit for slowing a computer down. Bad sectors and read write errors can cause symptoms like blue screens, freezing or applications taking extended periods of time to load. Optimizing a computer with a bad hard drive is not in the best interest of the customer as it could lead to catastrophic errors down the road.

Also we remove all viruses as well as any windows errors or corrupted windows files. We guarantee that even the nastiest of viruses are removed safely. At NedTek we remove the VIRUS not your data! We particularly scan for Keyloggers, Rootkits, Malware, Spyware and Adware. Anything that can be done to have your system running like new is done, without putting your data at risk. Our optimization is one of the most comprehensive in the industry. It offers our customers a tremendous value at a competitive price. Here are some of the procedures included:

  • Check HDD S.M.A.R.T. Data.
  • Clear System Restore.
  • Install Nedtek Cleanup Utilities.
  • Clean Start Up & Registry.
  • Clear approx. 25 Caching folders / files including History, Temp, Cookies and many more.
  • Check Antivirus, making sure it’s up to date and working properly.
  • Complete all Windows Security Updates.
  • Update Java, Flash, Adobe Reader.
  • Remove excess tool bars and addons.
  • Thorough defrag if necessary.


Reload of Operating System (Windows) $125.00 This is the complete installation of your operating system. Again we are very thorough. We install the most recent drivers; down load all critical windows updates. We install and update Java, Flash and Adobe Reader. If you wish we will install Microsoft Security Essentials for your Antivirus and the latest version of OpenOffice. We will also install the Nedtek CleanUp Utilities to help keep your computer clean for years to come.

Reload of Operating System (Windows) With Data Saved $150.00 This is the same complete procedure as above but all your data transferred back on to your computer after the reload is complete. We transfer Emails, Address Book, Contacts, Favorites, Documents, Music, Movies and any other data that may need transferred.

NedTek Backup Bundles $150.00 Data backup on 1TB, external mobile hard drive. First backup includes pictures, documents, music, videos, emails, and any other requested data. Scheduled backups can be set up upon request. (Transend StoreJet 25M3 1TB USB3.0 2.5″ External Hard Drive Included) Data Transfer or Data Backup $50.00 We transfer Emails, Address Book, Contacts, Favorites, Documents, Music, Movies and any other data that may need transferred to the media of your choose. I.e.(External Hard Drive, USB Drive or another computer).

Data Recovery (from failing/failed Hard Drive) Starting at $99.00 Depending on the condition of your hard drive we can recover most or all of your data. Badly damaged drives can be sent to Toronto for price estimate and recovery probability. So far we have a 99% recovery rate.